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Dear visitor,

Welcome to reeflex.net, the interactive online encyclopedia for marine life worldwide. It is currently available in ten languages. Founded in the year 2000 by a group of enthusiastic reef keepers the reeflex community’s aim originally has been to collect and to share information on the husbandry and behaviour of marine fish, invertebrates and corals kept in captivity.

Over the years and due to the brilliant images well-known underwater photographers have contributed, it has also attracted more and more recreational divers who, in turn, attribute their photos and comments on their sightings to reeflex.
And so reeflex has developed into a comprehensive database for the identification of marine species.

As an interactive online encyclopedia reeflex.net lives on the shared experience of its users, whether they are divers, saltwater aquarists or other people interested in marine biology, and we welcome you to attribute your images, videos and comments. The intention of reeflex.net, however, is to provide a serious and reliable source of reference for all its users, so please note that we only accept useful contributions with a well-sounded basis in knowledge or experience as well as high-quality images or videos. Any comments not matching these criteria, containing obviously wrong information, etc. may be deleted by an administrator without notice.

reeflex.net is not a platform for discussions. If you have any questions about care requirements of an individual marine species or the setup of your tank, you may use the shout box in the column on the right-hand side. Alternatively you can post your question in one of the numerous reef keeping forums.

As you will see the general information for every listed marine species which may be kept in captivity contains recommendations on the size of the tank. These are meant to serve as a guideline for you. Although these recommendations are based on the long-term observances of experienced reef keepers, it is rather difficult to determine the correct tank size, since the well-being of marine fish, invertebrates or corals in captivity is not only dependent on the mere size of the tank, but also closely associated with how the tank is structured, how much swimming space will be available as well as what kind of other marine animals are already living in the tank etc. It is in the interest of each responsible reef keeper to thoroughly inform himself and to check whether he will be able to fulfill its needs before he introduces a new animal into his tank.

Once again thank you very much for your interest and we hope that you do enjoy your visit to reeflex.net

Your reeflex team

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What's that ?  

From: Muelly
Topic: What's that ?
Hi Sandramore,
das Foto ist schon ok bei so einem Mini-Tierchen, aber welche Nacktschnecke das ist,kann man anhand des Fotos leider nicht bestimmen.Schau doch bitte selbst im MWL oder im Internet nach.Elysia ist schon gut möglich oder auch nicht.Tut mir leid.
lg von Muelly  



Topic: What's that ?
Fein. :-)

Und sonst hier oder in einem MW-Forum nennen, da finden sich inzwischen auch einige Abnehmer für. Kein Porzellanexpress bitte ;) 



From: Chewbacca
Topic: What's that ?
der sinn eines meerwasseraquariums ist diversität zu schaffen ;) der wird dir höchstens mal einen einsiedler fressen, wahrscheinlicher Flohkrebse. Ich würd mich über so ein prachtstück freuen ;) 



From: chrima78
Topic: What's that ?
Hey Ollie.
Vielen dank für deine Bestimmung. Die Krabbe sieht wirklich spektakulär aus, ich lass sie im Becken. Mal schauen was sie so treibt... Sie ist bestimmt eine nützliche Bereicherung.

Viele grüße



From: GinettiKonfetti
Topic: Ecsenius gravieri
Ein sehr dankbarer Pflegling den ich seid ca. 3 Monaten in einem 200 Liter Becken pflege.
Er frisst einfach alles was es gibt.
Er parkt bei Gefahr rückwärts in diverse Löcher des Gesteins ein, ist aber ansonsten nicht scheu und schwebt belustigend durch das Becken.
Es gibt keine Probleme mit all meinen anderen Beckenbewohnern. 


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