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Valenciennea randalli - Greenband goby

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General information
Scientific: Valenciennea randalli
Common: Greenband goby
Origin: Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Malaysia, Palau, Philippines, Ryukyu Islands, Solomon Islands, West-Pazific
Size: up to 8 cm
Temperature: 71.6 °F - 82.4 °F (22°C - 28°C)
Feeding: Brine Shrimps, Flakes, Frozen Food (large sort), Mysis
Tank: 65.99 gal (~ 300L)
Degree of difficulty average
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Husbandry Lives on sandy ground. It's easy to keep like to V. wardi it hardly picks up sand to litter it onto corals. But builts big piles of gravel and can cover stones and corals with this!
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