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Ogcocephalus darwini - Red Lip Batfish

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General information
Scientific: Ogcocephalus darwini
Common: Red Lip Batfish
Origin: East-Pacific, Ecuador, Galapagos , Peru
Size: up to 25 cm
Temperature: 71.6 °F - 80.6 °F (22°C - 27°C)
Feeding: Crabs, Crustaceans, Frozen Food (large sort), Invertebrates, Mysis, Schrimps, Zooplankton
Degree of difficulty Not suitable for home aquaria!
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Husbandry Hubbs, 1958

Very special thanks for the first Photo of Ogcocephalus darwini to CISSÉO aus Lyon.

Ogcocephalus darwini, also known as the Red Lip Batfish, is found in the Southeast Pacific. From Galapagos Islands south to Peru. Found on sandy bottoms and believed to be predatory, feeding on small invertebrates. The pictures was taken near Cocos island/Costa Rica.

Classification: Biota > Animalia (Kingdom) > Chordata (Phylum) > Vertebrata (Subphylum) > Gnathostomata (Superclass) > Pisces (Superclass) > Actinopterygii (Class) > Lophiiformes (Order) > Ogcocephalidae (Family) > Ogcocephalus (Genus) > Ogcocephalus darwini (Species)
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