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Ceramaster granularis - Cushion Star

Cushion Star - Ceramaster granularis (c) by Prof. Dr,. Peter Wirtz. Added by robertbaur

General information
Scientific: Ceramaster granularis
Common: Cushion Star
Origin: European Coasts, North-Atlantic
Size: up to 8 cm
Temperature: 32 °F - 68 °F (°C - 20°C)
Feeding: Detritus, Sponges
Tank: 87.99 gal (~ 400L)
Degree of difficulty only for advanced aquarists

Husbandry Cushion Star - Ceramaster granularis

It has five short arms and a large central disk and it can grow to a diameter of 8 cm size.
It lacks the short spines of the rigid cushion star. He is red or orange.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Echinodermata
Subphylum: Asterozoa
Class: Asteroidea
Order: Valvatida
Family: Goniasteridae
Scientific name: Ceramaster granularis
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