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Pseudobiceros sp.03 flatworm

Pseudobiceros sp.03 wird umgangssprachlich oft als Strudelwurm bezeichnet.


Pseudobiceros sp., Philippinen 2010,Copyright Dr. Alicia Hermosillo

Uploaded by Muelly.
Courtesy of the author Dr. Alicia Hermosillo McKowen, USA Image detail


Pseudobiceros sp.

The photo of this flatworm was taken in Raja Ampat.Flatworms genus Pseudobiceros mainly feeds on colonial ascidians.

Unfortunately there is no more information about this animal available and we would be grateful for any supplementary refrences.

Biota > Animalia (Kingdom) > Platyhelminthes (Phylum) > Rhabditophora (Class) > Polycladida (Order) > Cotylea (Suborder) > Pseudocerotoidea (Superfamily) > Pseudocerotidae (Family) > Pseudobiceros (Genus) > Pseudobiceros (Species)




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Last comment in the discussion about Pseudobiceros sp.03