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Glass perches

General information

This interesting but not easily maintainable species with a total of 8 genera and 40 known species so far, comes from the estuaries of the rivers of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea as well as Java and Sumatra. Occasionally there are sightings in India. There are other species and areas of origin too, but these fishes are regarded as pure fresh water fish and not considered in reeflex.

These are very delicate fish that strike mainly by its unusual appearance. Some species are either completely or at least partially transparent so that bones and internal organs are visible. The skin and muscles of these mostly small fish are almost completely transparent, often provided only with a slight greenish tint. Spine, bones, and the swim bladder are clearly seen, however, the visceral space is shielded by a silvery skin.

Although the old generic name Ambassis translated means "worthless as a food", these glass perch is known in some parts of Southeast Asia as a food fish.

The breeding is possible, however, classified as serious. The eggs are tiny as well as the young hatcehd fish, they have approximately the size of a newly hatched Artemia Nauplie, therefore they must be raised with the smallest of all live food.

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