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General information

Mushrooms or so called Corallimorphians are member of the Family „Actinodiscidae“. Species of these familie are commonly named Ricordea, and Disc Anemones, Flower Corals, Giant Cup, Elephant Ear, Hairy, Metallic, Fluorescent, Umbrella, Bubble, Warty and finally Forked Tentacle Mushroom Coral. Corallimorpharia polyps form flattened discs of 5-10 cm in diameter. They are highly variable in her colour, from grey to green and pink to brown, blue and purple. Mushrooms colonize very quickly any free surface by asexual fragmentation. To reproduce, the disk anemone pinches off a portion of its circular base. The detached portion develops into a small anemone and travels to another area of the reef. Mushroom coral does not respond well to bright light or heavy currents in our reef tanks. They prefer low lighting and slow currents to medium currents.