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General information

Dragonets are members of the Callionymidae or Dragonet family and some of the most interesting fish for the marine aquarium but difficult to keep because to their specialized diet requirements.. Dragonets should be housed in an established aquarium with large amounts of live rock and sand. An aquarium with an attached refugium is also very beneficial, since the refugium helps provide proper nutrition. Successfully keeping Dragonets presents quite a challenge since many specimens will only accept live food and simply starve to death without it.

Dragonets are small exotic looking fishes with their beautifully colored bodies covered in intricate designs and their long elegant fins. They are found in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific, mainly among coral rubble or sandy areas near reefs, where they hunt for worms and small crustaceans. Because they are slow moving, bottom dwelling fish Dragonets should only be kept with other peaceful species.