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General information

Tilefisches present a true challenge to advanced marine aquarists. They belong to the family „Branchiosteginae“, the closely related sand tilefishes or blanquillos (Malacanthidae) are comprised of two genera and 11 species. The subfamilies appear to be morphologically different. The species of the family „Malacanthinae!“ are slender with elongate bodies, small heads and terminal mouths in contrats the members of „Branchiosteginae“ having deep bodies, large heads and large mouths. In the wild they generally found in shallow-water at depths of 20–600 metres in both temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, along the margins of continents of oceanic islands, some may inhabit burrows in soft bottom aereas. The smaller, exceptionally colorful species of tilefish are sometimes found in the aquarium trade.

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