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Whiptail breams

General information

Whiptail breams also known as Threadfin breams and false snappers belong to the Family „Nemipteridae“ (contains 5 genera and 62 species), each of which have slightly differing flavour and visual characteristics. They are distributed to the tropical and sub-tropical Indo-West Pacific including Cocos-Keeling Islands and northwestern Australia, from the Ryukyu Islands to the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu, occurs in inshore and coral reef waters.

Whiptail breams are carnivorous fishes that feed mainly on benthic small fishes, cephalopods , crustaceans and polychaetes ; some species are planktivores . Some species of Scolopsis are known as protogynous hermaphrodit. All fishes of the Family „Nemipteridae“ are known as potentially hardy.

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